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First Kiss

Chris and I shared our first kiss ten years ago on February 8th. In some ways it’s hard to believe that we’ve been together for so long, in other ways it seems like that day wasn’t so long ago. I’ve told the story of me falling for him, but I’m quite proud of our first kiss. I realize that must sound a little odd, but bear with me.

We were still in that just friends hanging out stage. A classmate was in a play with Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre and we decided to go see her show together. We met for drinks at The Social, a swanky little restaurant downtown, and headed off to the bus stop, only to discover we’d just missed our bus and the next one would make us late for the show. We were both disappointed at missing it, but decided not to let it ruin our evening. We’d been keeping our skates in my locker, so we headed off to the University to get them and go for a skate on the Canal. As we were cutting across campus, we stopped near one particular building that Chris said he’d love to climb. That’s when I kissed him. Yep, me. Painfully shy, self-conscious, terrified of rejection me. I did it. Obviously, things have worked out well. I think it would have happened eventually, but I like the fact that I made that first move. It reminds me that I can do things that normally scare me.

I’m grateful for whatever came over me and led us to that kiss, as it was the start of something big, though I didn’t know it at the time.

I know I’m a little late, but Happy Anniversary honey, I love you.

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