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A Difficult Topic

I know it’s been several days since my last post. I’ve been working on this particular blog post on and off all week it’s a tough subject to get into and a fairly sensitive one, so I’m done revising and I’m just going to jump right in.

Tuesday’s episode of GLEE really got to me. If you don’t watch the show, the episode dealt with a character’s suicide attempt after being bullied and cyber-bullied for being gay. It’s an incredibly difficult topic to broach, but I’m glad they did. The teacher talked to the Glee Club about the events and recounted a time when he too had contemplated ending his life. He reminded them about all the things they have to look forward to and all the experiences they are yet to experience.

Every time I hear about a suicide, I have many mixed emotions. The greatest one is sadness though. It is always sad to hear that a life (usually a young one) has been taken. The majority of my sadness is because they thought death was the only option. That makes my heart break.

I’ve been there. In my teens, things got pretty bad. I was dealing with depression and bullying among other stressful life events. There were times when I just wanted to end it all. But I didn’t. One reason is that I’m a total wimp and was terrified of doing something that caused physical pain. The other, bigger reason is my family – in particular my youngest niece who looks up to me. I would stop and think of what it would do to them – and her – and there was no way I could put them through that. Especially one so young who wouldn’t be able to fathom why her Aunt Linda left her. It would have crushed her, and I couldn’t do that.

I hope that anyone contemplating suicide can pause for a moment and realize that there are people who love them and would be devastated if they were gone. I also hope they can realize it is not the only option. There are numerous resources out there to help you through the pain. I’ve listed just a few below.

I’m grateful that Ryan Murphy and the producers of GLEE tackled such a difficult issue. I can only hope it will change someone’s mind about suicide.

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