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Today I went to an event for an organization for girls that I volunteer for and is very close to my heart. I am grateful for it for many reasons and I will write a post about it someday soon.

This group is a service organization and twice a year a girl selects a charity to fundraise and volunteer for for the next six months. The one that was selected for the coming months is called KatieBears. I encourage you to go to their website and read their full story. In short, they give away new stuffed animals to “anyone who looks like they could use a hug” – it is called KatieBears in memory of Katie, a 22 year old girl who passed away suddenly in 2009. She started giving away teddybears at a Christmas parade in 2008 and after she passed away her parents carried on the tradition, attaching a note that read “Katie believed that everyone deserved a special Christmas. We hope this makes your Christmas special” The stuffed animals they give away now have a purple button attached to their ear to identify them.

The KatieBears button

Katie’s parents were at the event today, and as soon as her mother saw Nathan she came over to say hello and give him an adorable lion that is also a hand puppet! He absolutely loves it and so do I. What they’re doing is wonderful and I’m grateful for such a special reminder to share love and spread as much joy as you can.

Nathan checking out his lion

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