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Quality Family Time

Last night (Friday) I went to Pledges (basically the little sisters to Rainbow – kind of like what Brownies are to Girl Guides) with  Chris’ brother’s little girl, who’s 10. It’s nice because even though she’s doing stuff with the other girls, it’s still our thing, which I kind of love. She’s had a rough go of things where her mother’s concerned, so us spending time together is really special. I got to spend more time with her this morning because Jeff (Chris’ brother) is taking a class and needed to someone to babysit. So he dropped her off over here, and since Chris is off having a boys’ weekend with some friends, we got to have some time with just us (and Nathan of course). It was so nice! At first I didn’t really know what to do with her. We couldn’t play a game because Nathan would just try to eat the pieces. It was much too cold outside to play out there (especially for a baby), so we just played with Nathan in the living room for a bit. Then a light went on in my head. She likes to bake and so do I! So we baked up some yummy peanut butter cookies. She really did most of the work – I just got out all the ingredients and read out the recipe and measured a few things. This kid has a knack for baking! So we got to do something fun together and she got to make something she was proud of and bring home a tasty treat.

Our Yummy Peanut Butter Cookies

Then later this afternoon I headed out to Kanata for some QT with my sister and niece. We had tacos for dinner and had a great time playing with Nathan and chatting. Nathan loved being there so much that getting him into his car seat to go home was a HUGE challenge. Anyhow, spending the evening with them was lovely.

So today I’m grateful for quality time with family members.

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