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I am Supermom

The past couple of weeks have been chaotic at our house. For many reasons, we decided to rip the carpeting up off our staircase and retrofit them with hardwood. The hubby has been working tirelessly cutting, sanding, staining, painting and installing everything. I do think the end result is indeed pretty stunning.


Our family will forever be a part of this house


The finished product

Anyhow, the work turned the house upside down and the mess has been a more than I can usually handle. However, I somehow have managed to keep calm and carry on without losing my mind. This is no small feat for me as messes tend to cause my anxiety to rise. The work finished yesterday we are beginning to put the house back together.

Today our 5-year-old wanted to go swimming, so I took him and the 7-month-old to the pool to give the hubby some much-needed time on his own to just veg out. So it was me, all by myself with a 5-year-old and a baby (who hasn’t been the biggest fan of water thus far) in a busy public pool. Again, this would normally cause my anxiety to skyrocket, but I handled it, and like a pro if I do say so myself. Five years ago when Nathan was a baby I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that. My depression was so bad postpartum that I just wouldn’t have been capable of handling it. It’s pretty empowering to realize how far I’ve come in the past few years. I’m grateful for that.

And today I felt like Supermom because of it.



My sweet boys




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