A place to appreciate the many things in my life that I am thankful for

Week in Review

I’ve been trying to write all week, but keep getting distracted. It is now nearly midnight on Friday and I’m finally getting a few minutes to review my week and be thankful.

Monday was my last day of my CBT group. My feelings are bittersweet. I’m sad that the group is over, but extremely grateful for being part of the group and gaining valuable tools to help me cope better in stressful/upsetting situations. I am also grateful for the lovely ladies I met and hope to keep in touch with.

Tuesday we had the inspection for the new house. The report was great! The major things are all in great shape and it’s pretty much move-in ready. Our realtor said it’s one of the best inspections she’s been to. I’m grateful that it went so smoothly and everything look so good!

Wednesday was the deadline for us to waive conditions on the new house. So it’s officially ours! Or at least, it will be on May 30th. I’m grateful that we found such a great house and everything is falling into place with it!

Also on Wednesday, the in-laws came over to babysit Nathan for a few hours. Chris was at rehearsal and I had a meeting to go (a monthly occurrence, but I hadn’t been to one since October). Nathan did well and so did I! I didn’t let my anxiety take over. It was tough, but I managed. When I came home, Nathan was in a good mood and they said he only cried for a little while when he realized I was gone, but it didn’t last too long. I’m still anxious about leaving him, but I think it’s getting better. I’m grateful that my in-laws are so willing to help out and that I had the opportunity to get out on my own.

Thursday we had a production meeting for Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety. We weren’t able to get the entire production team together, but I think we had a great meeting and I’m looking forward to seeing this production come to life! I’m grateful for such a great group of people to work with.

That brings us to today! I met my sister at Cora’s for lunch and then spent the afternoon and evening with her, my niece, and of course Nathan. Nathan was awesome at the restaurant – he smiled and waved to many of the other patrons and made good friends with the waitress who spoiled him with a special Cora’s cup and a balloon (he absolutely LOVES balloons!). I’m grateful that I can take my baby out into public places like that and have him be so well behaved. He has the kind of smile that people can’t help but smile back at, and I love being out with him. Of course, I’m also grateful for spending time with my sister and niece. I have an awesome family.

So there’s the week in review! Phew! Now, it’s time for bed!. Goodnight world!


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