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A Special SM

I still have a lot to catch up on, but I had to write this quick post about one special Stage Manager.

Nick Alain is stage managing Evolution Theatre‘s upcoming production of [boxhead]. I am grateful for that alone, however that’s not what drove me to write this post.

I’ve been swamped with things lately. Between raising a baby who’s getting more active everyday, managing a theatre company and  everything else on my plate, a few things have slipped through the cracks. I feel like I’m running to play catch up and I’m exhausted.

Today Nick e-mailed me to bring one of those things to my attention. I felt awful and quickly replied with apologies and a an attempt to right the situation. His response was extremely understanding. I know I’m running on a low amount of sleep today (Nathan is teething and kept me up last night) and am extra emotional, but his response made me cry.

So not only is Nick is a fantastic SM, but he’s also a really great person. I am so grateful to be working with someone who’s so patient, understanding and kind.

Thank you Nick.


Comments on: "A Special SM" (4)

  1. nancykenny said:

    I’ve known that forever, but I’m glad to see other people realizing it too.

  2. Linda, I don’t have a teething infant, I’ve had adequate sleep, and I have a coffee in hand. This post made me tear up. I am overwhelmed with emotion ( Nancy you know I feel the same with you.) I’m just doing things the way I’ve been taught. Low stress and with a smile. This means a lot to me so thank you so much.

    I am one of the few incredibly lucky people who gets to work in the arts and although I don’t want to Stage Manage the rest of my career I am always excited and happy to work with a company that always goes beyond the call of duty to make me feel like I am better at this then I thought.

    Mille milliard de merci.

  3. […] recently was Linda with her post. It is heart felt and genuine and brought tears to my eyes that I was able to touch someone that […]

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