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Falling Behind

So… I haven’t written a post since Thursday, shame on me. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to be grateful for, things just got kinda busy. Nathan had a doctor’s appointment on Friday and got his six-month shots, and I think that may be the reason for his general crankiness/clingy-ness this weekend. It’s definitely difficult to write when you have a baby that screams every time you try to set him down. Anyhow, he’s finally sleeping peacefully, so I thought I’d take some time before I turn in to write a little.

As I mentioned above, we went to the doctor’s office for Nathan’s six-month check-up. He’s healthy, happy and meeting all the developmental milestones for his age. I’m very grateful for this. Having a happy healthy baby is really the most important thing in the world to me these days. The only thing we’re struggling with is getting him to eat solids. So far he’s had rice cereal and several different veggies – all met with the most disgusted faces. If any parents have any tips or tricks, I’m all ears! But I digress. Another thing I am extremely grateful for is the fact that we have a family doctor. I had a great doctor in my late teens. She’s the one who actually diagnosed my depression and ended up prescribing something. I saw her regularly so she could touch base with me and monitor my medication. She eventually went on maternity leave, and then decided to stay at home with her children and close her practice. The doctor who had been seeing her patients in her absence (who was also great) was offered a position elsewhere and left. The clinic was short-staffed and ended up closing not long after. I went for years without a doctor – it was incredibly difficult to find one who was taking new patients. Out of desperation, I ended up with a family doctor at the Appletree Medical Group in Kanata. After several bad experiences, I just stopped going to him. When I found out I was pregnant with Nathan, Chris’ mother (who is a nurse) asked around and set me up with an amazing OB for the duration of my pregnancy. Knowing that I didn’t have a family doctor and would need a paediatrician for Nathan, the OB referred us to a GP. Now Chris, Nathan and I all have the same doctor in a clinic that I trust (it’s associated with and right next door to the Civic Hospital), which gives me a great sense of relief. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am so grateful for that.

Another thing that I’m grateful for this weekend is my ability to handle driving in bad weather conditions. I realize that sounds like I think very highly of myself, but it’s true. Now, this isn’t to say that I haven’t done some stupid stuff while driving (running into a post while trying to park the car last year is #1), but in general I’m a good, cautious driver. And it’s a good thing I am! Driving home from the doctor’s office on Friday was nuts. It’s amazing how 10-15 cm of snow can make people forget how to drive. I can’t even count the number of stupid things other drivers were doing. It just made me want to scream. It’s a good thing I was paying as much attention as I was or I surely would have been in an accident. People drifting over into other lanes (when I was not in their blind spot but RIGHT next to them), people running red lights, and the list goes on. Anyhow, I’m grateful that I can handle winter driving (and that we have a good car with good tires) and that I wasn’t a part of the many accidents in Ottawa that day.

On that note, I’m going to finish my tea and get some sleep – another thing to be grateful for! 🙂


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  1. nadinethornhill said:

    Sounds like you go to the same clinic as our family! I’ve been going there since I moved to Ottawa twelve years ago and yes, they are fantastic.

    As for the solids my first piece of advice is that it WILL happen eventually. Everyone learns to eat solid food and Nathan will too. 🙂 When the Green Bean started he was “meh” on cereal, excited by green veggies and HATED fruit.

    We started by giving him tiny amounts of the offending food blended with copious amounts of formula. Every other day or so, we increased the amount of food and decreased the formula until eventually we were like, “Ha ha ha, sucker! You’re eating apples and loving it!”

    Looking forward to seeing you this week!

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