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I start this post by taking a deep breath. I am about to share something that I rarely talk about, but feel is extremely important, as I cannot give thanks without explaining my history.

Those who know me well know that I have struggled with depression since I was a teenager. Add to that some Post-Partum and anxiety issues and the past months have been tough.

I am therefore extremely thankful for the support I’ve received through everything. I am especially grateful to the Ottawa Hospital. When Nathan was born, I talked to the nurses about my history of depression and I was referred to the post-partum mental health unit at the General Hospital where I joined a group with other mothers who were struggling with issues similar to mine. Each person is a part of the group for 16 weeks and my time with it is nearly up. I am glad to have had the opportunity to share with these incredible women, they, along with the psychiatrists who lead the group, have helped me in so many ways. I hope that I can keep in touch with them after my time with the group is over.


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  1. You are so strong my darling Linda!
    I am proud of you beyond words!

  2. Natalie Joy said:

    I did the MOMS program through Family Services on Parkdale and it was a huge help after DD2 was born. Post-partum depression is so common, and still so difficult to manage. I’m glad you got the support. 🙂

    • Thanks Nat. It’s something that is so common and I feel is not discussed nearly enough. I’m glad to know there are other programs out there to help other Mothers going through this. I’m glad you were able to get the support you needed too.

  3. nadinethornhill said:

    Thank you for sharing, Linda! I’m going through my own experience with depression. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to know that other strong, capable, admirable people like you have similar struggles.

    You’re an inspirational person and I’m very, very glad you’re writing!

    • Wow, I’ve never thought of myself as being inspirational. What a huge compliment! Thank you!
      Depression is such a tough thing, and it is so rarely spoken about, even amongst friends. If my sharing can be a source of encouragement to others, I am happy to do so.
      And if you ever want to chat about that stuff (or anything else – I’d love to hang out!) give me call! 🙂

  4. Awww Linda, My dear dear Linda!! I remember how much a support you were along with Jeff and Jenn when I had my total meltdown in highschool and how you all supported me through my diagnosis etc even though I didn’t talk about things a lot you guys were always there to make me smile even though you didn’t always know what was going on!! Talking about it is so great! And as you see often helps others feel not so alone! WE may be thousands of miles away and rarely get to chat anymore! But I think of you often and always hope you are doing well! Much love, and continued success in showing Depression your boss not it! Kim

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